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Bitcoin under threat, El Salvador rejected, Mark Cuban stung, McAfee ‘has nothing’: Hodler’s Digest, June 13–19

Coming every Saturday, Hodler’s Digest will help you track every single important news story that ha ...View More

Joining the ranks: Bitcoin’s correlation with gold and stocks is growing

BTC used to be an uncorrelated asset, but that’s no longer the case. What can gold and stocks sugge ...View More

Fortunes turning? Specialized GPUs and SSDs come to aid crypto miners

Manufacturers restrict mining of cryptocurrencies due to a shortage of GPU cards: Will this lead to ...View More

Cryptocurrency custody gives commercial banks a foothold in the market

The crypto custody business blossomed in 2019, spearheaded by fintech firms, but now its center of  ...View More

Dead cat bounce? Ethereum jumps 20%, while ETH inflows to exchanges soar

One key on-chain indicator provides a bearish outlook for Ethereum’s native token. Market Analysi ...View More

Crypto market volatility peaks as Bitcoin and altcoins seek to recover

As crypto price volatility rises, some are hopeful the market will revert to the upward path, which ...View More

These three cryptocurrencies weathered the storm as Bitcoin plunged

Solana, Polygon and Harmony all defied the market crash, solidifying gains when traded against Bitc ...View More

Quiet down, Elon: 5 crypto stories that didn't need Musk's Twitter antics to move markets

Yeah, yeah, we get it: Elon loves attention. Here's a picture to keep him happy. Meanwhile, let's t ...View More

When dollars meet the hype: The biggest NFT hits from celebrities

Nonfungible tokens have quickly become a mainstream phenomenon, and a number of celebrities and ente ...View More

DOGE as internet money? TikTokers and sports fans see a use case for Dogecoin

In recent weeks, it has been hard to get through a day without running into a headline, or 50, refer ...View More

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