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June 10, 2021  

IMF plans to meet with El Salvador’s president, potentially discussing move to adopt Bitcoin

The International Monetary Fund has previously spoken out against smaller nations like the Marshall ...View More

Finance Redefined: The shadow DeFi conference in Miami! June 2-9

Talking with big brains about DeFi, regulation, CBDCs, and institutional adoption at the Bitcoin co ...View More

Bitcoin price hits stock-to-flow rebound level not seen since 2017 all-time high

Deviation from the stock-to-flow average has always resulted in a reversal to new all-time highs, d ...View More

1inch releases composable Limit Order Protocol

The liquidity aggregator just beefed up its functionality with the Limit Order Protocol, a new tool ...View More

Bullish Bitcoin newsflow gives bulls a boost ahead of Friday's $565M options expiry

Bullish Bitcoin maneuvers from El Salvador, Victory Capital and MicroStrategy saved the day by givi ...View More

Bitcoin boon as US inflation hits 13-year high, wages fall to lowest in 21st century

It's grim news for economists and a bittersweet advertisement for Bitcoin this week after the lates ...View More

Google reversing crypto ads ban a testament to blockchain market maturity?

Since 2018, tech giant Google has been in an on-and-off relationship with crypto, but can the lates ...View More

The global corporate tax rate: Crypto savior or killer?

The newly proposed global tax rules will drastically influence all international companies, with cr ...View More

Bitcoin part of highest risk category in Basel's new bank capital plan

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision proposed tough requirements for banks that want to hold  ...View More

The female speakers who made an impact at Bitcoin2021 in Miami

There may not have been as many female speakers at Bitcoin 2021, but the women who presented were p ...View More

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